Groove Metronome

Practice becomes fun with a metronome that knows how to groove!

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What are the essential features of a metronome? In our book it is accuracy and stability. Groove Metronome from JEOS Software is an Android app that will keep beating relentlessly in the tempo you dial in. The metronome supports tempos from 20 BPM to 260 BPM. If 260 is too slow for you, you can change the subdivision to eighth notes or sixteenth notes to get a faster click.

The ability to freely set any time signature is a feature that help you practice unfamiliar meters.


A metronome app must have an easy way to quickly set a desired tempo. With the dial you can quickly and accurately set any tempo. Fine tune with the plus and minus buttons to get exactly where you want.

As one would expect from a professional metronome it is possible to tap a tempo and have the metronome pick it up.

You can mute either the metronome click or the drummer. You can even mute both and rely solely on the visual counter.

Cool features

Going beyond the essential features of a metronome app we have added a virtual drummer in Groove Metronome. It is more like a crossover between a standard metronome and a powerful drum machine. This makes practicing with a metronome much more approachable for beginners. It is also a great way to explore some odd meters. Put the drummer to the test by playing a Disco groove in 7/8 or a Samba groove in 15/16 in 200 BPM.

Groove Metronome offers the possibility to play all grooves with a shuffle feel. The shuffle groove and the swing grooves use this feature on eighth notes, but You can also choose to shuffle the sixteenth notes as in the Pop and Disco grooves.

Advanced features

A lot of musicians are afraid to practice with a metronome because they think it takes the feel out of the music, and in some ways they are right. While a standard metronome can help you keep time and maybe even play straight and tight rhythms, some music and some tempos requires a more human approach to rhythm. This is why Groove Metronome offers the unique feature to change the degree of shuffle or swing. You can set the feel to what you like, to match the song you are practising. This gives Groove Metronome an edge over all metronome apps.


Groove Metronome comes with 15 different grooves for you to play with and practice to.

  • Classic is in default settings a basic 4/4 groove. By changing time signature and by adding swing, it can get a lot more interesting
  • Pop uses ghost notes and the advanced feature to change the degree of swing to get a more humanized feel
  • Slick is a straight sixteenth groove with a synchopated hihat
  • Bossa is a classic 4 bar lounge groove
  • Disco, the legendary style of music from the 70's with the classic four on the floor kick
  • Rock is a straight rock groove
  • Samba is the 80s drum machine samba groove
  • Salsa with a 2-3 "son clave"
  • Shuffle is a classic rock/blues groove
  • 6/8 also sounds like 12/8
  • Old Swing and Fast'n Old with the traditional jazz hihat
  • Swing and Fast Swing with the modern jazz swing ride
  • Reggae
  • DoubleKick
  • Rosanna

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