Groove Metronome FREE

This is the FREE version and offers same high quality in sound and accuracy as the full version.

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What are the essential features of a metronome? In our book it is accuracy and stability. Groove Metronome FREE from JEOS Software is an Android app that will keep beating relentlessly in the tempo you dial in. The metronome supports tempos from 20 BPM to 260 BPM. If 260 is too slow for you, you can change the subdivision to eights or sixteenths to get a faster click.

The ability to freely set any time signature is a feature that help you practice unfamiliar meters.


A metronome app must have an easy way to quickly set a desired tempo. With the dial you can quickly and accurately set any tempo. Fine tune with the plus and minus buttons to get exactly where you want.

As one would expect from a professional metronome it is possible to tap a tempo and have the metronome pick it up.

You can mute either the metronome click or the drummer. You can even mute both and rely solely on the visual counter.


Groove Metronome comes with one free groove for you to play with and practice to. Explore real time updates to groove while changeing tempo and time signatures. Have you ever wanted to practise with a drummer who can play any time signature and never fails?

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